$5 Coffee eGift Card (set of 5)


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These eGift Cards can be used for so many reasons! Having a hard time getting a prospective client to respond? Invite her to grab a coffee and give you 5-10 minutes while she takes a short break! Maybe one of your employee’s hours were messed up this week and his paycheck was short. Make it up to him with a small gift of coffee! Maybe you simply want to surprise someone with a small token of your appreciation. Whatever the reason, these eGift Cards are easy to use and allow the recipient to choose from a variety of popular establishments: Starbucks, Panera Bread, Krispy Kreme, Caribou Coffee, and Dunkin’. You provide the link and the code to your recipient. Recipient uses the link and code to choose where to spend the gift, and gets a barcode to use when ordering from chosen place, OR the credit automatically drops into their account if they have the app to the place where they’re redeeming the reward.


Instructions for Use:

  1. Purchase your eGift Card codes here
  2. After you complete checkout, allow up to 2 business days to receive your codes.
  3. Send the gift using this link for the recipient to redeem the gift: www.prizelabs.com/bsn. (Don’t forget to include the redemption code!)
  4. The link allows recipients to choose where to spend their gift.
  5. Recipient chooses where to redeem, and gets a barcode for $5 off at his/her chosen establishment.
  6. When you send the gift, always include this information:
    1. If you have any issue accessing the link or using your gift card, please contact the help desk at prizelabs.com/help
    2. Terms and Conditions: Code expires: 4/29/2023

Offer redeemable towards the redemption of a $5 eGift Card. For promotional use only. Not responsible for lost or stolen reward code. Individual eGift Cards are subject to unique terms and conditions from the retailer. For complete terms and conditions visit the website above. Offer only redeemable in the U.S.