Welcome to the BelFlex store!

Here you can purchase logoed items for your customers, employees, yourself and staff, and for all your office needs. We hope you find everything you need for onsite employee requirements, internal staff needs, recruiting materials, promo items, apparel, office supplies, and more. We have grouped items into categories of most popular interest for ease of shopping, but please feel free to order and use these items however your branch sees fit. As you shop, please keep in mind that we carry stock of some of these items, but many we do not. So turnaround times vary from under a week-a few weeks. So please order ahead for that next big event!

If you have any questions, please reach out to:
Jamie Glass at jglass@buybluesky.com or (847) 562-0777 or Alisha VanderZwaag at avanderzwaag@belflex.com or (614) 584-9756.

We hope you find all your BelFlex item needs as you shop today!